Yoga Therapy

If you've heard that yoga can help you, but never tried it, this might be for you. Or if you love yoga and want a personized program that uses both yoga and psychotherapy, read on!

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I in 2017, I completed a 200 hour training in Amrit Method of Body Psychology, and in 2018, a 200 hour Anusara Yoga training. Together these  inspired me to create a unique therapy method that uses both Yoga and psychotherapy to help you get the results you want. This program helps you learn skills to:

- decrease anxiety and depression

- stregthen your ability to be disciplined in your goals

- become aware of feelings that have been buried and may be showing up as pain in your body

- eliminate panic attacks without medication

- feel more connected  in your relationships with others

- change your life course if you have a recurring feeling that something is wrong.

These private yoga sessions are carefully customized for you. Call today to schedule and introductory session!

Lisa Yaeger, LPC

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