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Today’s Anxiety and Depression Tip: Use Leverage

Today’s Anxiety and Depression Tip: Use Leverage


It’s easy to get discouraged when dealing with depression or anxiety. Both of these conditions, even in their mild forms, make it difficult to do the activities that would help you feel better.
Often, you know some things that would help you, but you just aren’t taking advantage of them.

Take a walk, run, jump, dance. Get your body moving.
Make a gratitude list.
Call a friend, a loving family member, a therapist, or a hotline. Pour your heart out.
Make a therapy appointment, a doctor’s appointment, or go to a support group.

Ironically, when you need to do these steps, is the hardest time to do them. 
So, I’ve been thinking about how to use leverage. That is what is needed with complicate human brains, like ours. We have to find opportunities, openings in our inner clouds, to take some action. There are some moments when your defenses against change are weaker, you become curious, or something motivates you. Use these opportunities to move yourself along.

Don’t play it cool. Don’t play hard to get. Let yourself be lead to get moving or learn something new. It may be something you read or see online or an attractive person who motivates you. When it comes to inspiration, let yourself be easy. Don’t worry that you might not follow through or that your change will be temporary. Another motivator will come along if you lose interest in this one.

I’m not saying trust everything or everyone. I’m not saying to spend a lot of money without thinking through the big picture. There are lots of free motivators out there. If you get disappointed or hurt, you will heal, and you may just find yourself farther along your path to wellbeing.

You find a place where you feel safe to trust someone, or where you feel better about your life, and you grow from there. Find a way to keep moving forward one step at a time.

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