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Enjoy Your New Year's Resolutions Without The Pressure

Enjoy Your New Year’s Resolutions Without The Pressure


Its been my habit to make many New Year’ Resolutions. I have “failed” to keep most of them. But I don’t mind. In fact, that was the plan all along.

On New Year’s Day each year, I sit down and make a long list of intentions, goals, dreams, plans and ideas. I get them all down on paper. I sometimes add to my list for a few days. I include things that I didn’t do from last year’s list if I still want them. I don’t hold myself to this big long list. I take it lightly, even playfully if I can. I enjoy the planning and dreaming.

I pick a few to work on. I start exercising more, like everyone else. I drink less, or eat better. I may even clean my closets. I start my taxes early. My creative energy begins to flow. I enjoy the momentum.

I enjoy the inspiration. Because I know it will be gone soon.

I’m not a slave to my goals. I want to surf them. I let inspiration propell me through my good intentions. I Iook for motivation and when I find it, I enjoy it. I let other people’s enthusiasm push me along too. There is no shame in surfing the wake made by other people’s success or even their salesmanship.

I also let life unfold. I get busy doing other things. I get lazy. I prefer gardening to bookkeeping. I prefer taking a walk to doing serious work. I love writing but I’m not likely to write every morning at 7 a.m.

So, do I get anything done? Do I reach my goals?

Yes and Yes! I get some things done. Most of the important things!

Yes, I even reach my goals. Many of them. Others fade away and I don’t miss them.

When I sit down at the end of the year I’m always pleased and surprised that many, many of my plans and dreams came to pass. I discover that I’ve reached a bunch of goals that I forgot all about! This year’s successes included starting this blog, adding some long distance coaching clients, planting butterfly bushes and taking a yoga teacher training.

I also see a few that got missed. A few are now unexciting. Many of those get kicked to the curb.  I still have the old office furniture and rug.

If something on the list is an embarassing failure or is still tempting, it gets a place on next year’s list. Life will remind you, if you miss something important.  Next year’s list will include building stronger muscles and doing more yoga. Again.

So my advice to you is this.

  1. Make a list of your hopes and dreams and intentions for the new year.
  2. Put it away in a safe place that you will remember.
  3. Let go of it and let your life unfold.
  4. On January 1 next year, pull it out and see what happened.
  5. Share the experience with a friend or loved one.


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