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Sitting With Feelings

Sitting With Feelings


In therapy sessions people often spend time trying to figure out why they feel the way they feel. I’ve encouraged this, even done it myself. In my recent training in Yoga Therapy, I learned a different method of dealing with feelings.

Feelings and sensations in the body are great attention-getters. They are there to remind us to pay attention. Then our worried minds jump in with a story. We speculate on what that feeling means, on where that pain came from. We are reminded of our injuries from the past, emotional and physical.

The story can take over then and soon you’re drowning in sadness, or resentment, or fear for the future.

There’s another way to handle this. You don’t have to let the story sweep you away again.

Here are some simple steps to help the energy shift and put your mind at ease. In the practice of Yoga Therapy, we do these exercises during a pose, with a supportive coach. You can use them that way, or while sitting, lying down, or walking.

Take some deep breaths and let your attention focus on bringing air into your body and out again.

Scan your body and notice a place where you feel intensity, heaviness or pain.

Notice the story – a worry, a memory, a situation that is causing you to be upset. Just notice it long enough to feel it in your body.

Now SET THE STORY ASIDE. (Not forever, just for now).

Focus your attention on sensations in your body. Breathe and make space for them. Welcome them. Allow the sensations to be there with you. Invite them to tea. Take your time. The sensations may shift or they may stay. Let that me fine with you. When you don’t think you can tolerate is any longer, breathe at bit deeper. Exhale a strong stream of breath.

When you are ready, move around, stretch, take a walk. Talk or write about any shifts or insights you noticed. Put on some music. Dance it out.

* Go about your day mindfully. Accept things as they are, just for the moment, all day.

Lisa Yaeger, LPC is an Anxiety expert in Denver, Colorado. Call for an appointment today and get help sitting with your feelings. (303) 225-9076

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