Make this the year you get recovery from Anxiety! 

Leave anxiety behind and enjoy life again!

So what is anxiety?  To put it simply, anxiety is your body reacting to stress. The fight or flight system in your brain is working hard, sending body emergency signals. It’s  actually pretty common for high achieving, hard-working people who try to ignore emotion at times and just push through obstacles.  Sometimes those obstacles are people, rules, money, time, or emotions.  You may not spend much time contemplating your emotions.  But if you ignore them, they may begin to show up in physical symptoms.  Sometimes called Panic Attacks or Anxiety Attacks, this collection of physical and emotional sensations often land people in the hospital. If no physical cause is found for your symptoms, you may be suffering from anxiety.  Here are some symptoms of anxiety:

  • shortness  of breath
  • chest pain
  • pounding heart
  • dizziness
  • pain in stomach, legs, arms.
  • shakiness
  • feelings of panic

So you can see why, you might think you are having a heart attack.  If you haven’t been checked by a  doctor, do that first. Other symptoms include:

  • excess worrying
  • unexplained sweating
  • trouble falling asleep
  • trouble staying asleep or returning to sleep when you wake up too early
  • avoidance of certain people or places (crowds, driving long distances, social events)
  • feeling stopped or stuck when you are about to complete a goal at work or in your personal life
  • feeling unable to move forward with a project even though you want to

What brings on anxiety?  Its different for everyone.  An injury, accident or loss can bring on anxiety.  Past traumatic experiences can be triggered by some event in your current life and can begin to bother you when they previously did not.  Other triggers can be seemingly small things or life milestones that you would not expect to cause any trouble.  Even happy events like a marriage or child’s graduation can be a trigger for anxiety.  What can you do about anxiety?  Some doctors prescribe medication and for some this is a good, temporary first step.  Many people want to avoid medication or get off of it as soon as possible.  Its important to communicate thoroughly with your medical provider about this and to be sure to get medical advice on stopping a medication for anxiety or depression.  Whether or not you take medication, it’s a good idea to learn some skills that help you reduce that effects of anxiety.  What else can you do?

Here’s my best program for overcoming anxiety:

Find a therapist or coach who has experience in treating anxiety.

  • Make an appointment and show up.
  • Open up and talk about your life.  Together you can identify problem situations and traps where anxiety is lurking.
  • Talk about your secrets if you have them.  Therapy is confidential.  When you feel safe, share what you don’t share with others.
  • Learn to meditate.  Develop a daily practice.
  • Take some yoga classes.
  • Learn other anxiety reduction skills.  Breathing exercises, visualization, ending the negative self-talk, increasing positive self-talk, body awareness and movement, identifying safe places and safe people.
  • Identify some movement, exercise, or activity that decreases your anxeity.
  • Exercise daily.  It helps your brain as much as your body.
  • Identify any traumas from your past and create a plan with your therapist or coach to explore how these are hurting you now and how they can be put to rest.
  • Work toward self acceptance.  Judging others and judging yourself is hurting you.

Any of these steps will help reduce anxiety.  Taken all together you can have a full recovery.  You can be stronger, healthier and smarter than you were before.  When you make your own health and well-being a priority, you can better serve your business, your loved ones, and the worl d.

If you think you may be suffering from anxiey, call me for a session. Together we can create a plan to overcome anxiety so you can get on with your life.

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