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Are you working hard everyday, but feeling like it's not getting you anywhere? Do you feel like you're getting farther behind? Are your family relationships suffering because you are not available or when you are there, you're not really tuning in? Are you often trying to ignore your feelings? When you do feel them, it's often sadness or anger? Do you know already that your anxiety is getting worse? You know you should do something about it but you don't know what. Or maybe you've try several things but don't have the time to stick to them.

I have been a therapist for more than 20 years working with bright active people who have found themselves bothered by things like depression, anxiety, and life struggles. Life often serves up things that you didn't expect and sometimes you need some support and strategies to get to feeling better again. After working with people on a variety of issues, I have discovered that I can be very effective in helping people change and feel better in some specific areas. Recovery from anxiety, depression and past experiences that just won't go away are prime examples. I can help you zero in on what is causing the trouble and make a plan to overcome it.

I can help you build a home base, a place to get grounded, stretch your roots, so that you can grow stronger and create the life you want. When you have a safe place to grow, healing is possible. You can learn to trust yourself so you can keep moving forward.

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